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Educational centre

Multilingual micro-nursery and kindergarten in Fréjus

The micro nursery

The Kidtopia micro-nursery welcomes 12 to 14 children aged between 10 weeks and 3 years. Open from 7am to 7pm. Ecological nappies and meals are provided. Reimbursed under the CAF PAJE scheme.

Strong values: an eco-responsible crèche, organic produce, alternative teaching methods and support for parents. The micro-crèche is open to all.

The nursery school

KIDTOPIA private multilingual nursery school offers parents a quality educational choice for their children's first steps at school. Access is possible from the age of 2 and a half to 6 years. At Kidtopia we know that starting school is a big step for your child.

How they spend their first few years at school will determine their future development. At KIDTOPIA we recognise that every child is unique and has different needs. School is open to all.

Our commitment: to give your child the desire to learn, to develop their self-confidence, to encourage their independence, to provide them with a multilingual education and to open them up to the world.

The concept

A world of two independent establishments dedicated to your children's well-being.

KIDTOPIA is an educational centre comprising a micro-crèche and a multilingual nursery class inspired by alternative teaching methods, including Montessori. This new concept is located in Fréjus, a dynamic town in full expansion, which attaches great importance to providing quality childcare facilities.

The aim is to offer families two high-quality facilities, with a caring approach that prioritises the development of children and support for parents. The micro-crèche will open in October 2023 and the school in September 2024.

Our philosophy

Our absolute priority is your child's development within our establishments.

Well-being and safety

Each child is encouraged to be caring and independent, their pace is respected and they are supported in safely exploring their abilities.

Warm and friendly

Parents welcome, children confident and comfortable. Breastfeeding support. Apéro'parents and experience sharing.

Competent teaching team

A qualified, inclusive and stimulating multilingual teaching team for early language learning.

Resources and equipment

A school with Montessori teaching resources, adapted materials and interactive activities to help pupils flourish.

Regular monitoring

Regular progress monitoring, friendly assessment, targets achieved, children helping each other.

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